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The main characteristic of Taoist clothing is that it has to be loose and comfortable, the fabric is not spared and a lot of material is used generously to tailor a Taoist robe, exactly what you still can find in Wudang, there are master tailors who are making exactly that kind of traditional Taoist uniforms.

Wudang Taoist Robe

Taoists say that you should not wear tight clothing, especially when you are doing exercises or mental practices. That also applies to tight belts, underwear, shoes, socks, jewelry and all clothing that disturbs your blood and energy (Qi) circulation. These tight clothes put pressure on your stomach, arms, legs, etc. Probably everybody has once taken his socks off and there was a big indentation where it's been digging into the skin all day. In acupuncture they study energy meridians that go all the way from your core to your extremities. Tight clothing impacts the flow of energy through these systems. We have blood vessels and nerves, and if you wear a tight watch that was just clamping down on your wrist the whole day or night, your're not getting the kind of circulation you need to your hands. Similarly, this works with underwear, ties, tight t-shirts, jewelry and anything tight that can impede the flow of energy and fluids in your body.


Wudang Masters at the Purple Cloud Temple


And now, a little of history ... Taoist clothing, which refers to the costume worn by Taoists, belongs to the Han traditional dress system. It is also known as “Fa Fu” or “Taoist uniform”. Early Taoist clothing, which was not strictly regulated, began to form systems after Lu Xiujing (陸修靜) in the Southern Liu-Song Dynasty. 

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