Wudang Store

Wudang-Store is an online shop started its activity in year 2012 and is supported and approved by local Taoists living in Wudang Mountains. We sell the best quality and traditional items from the Wudang area specialized in Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Qi Gong equipment. Wudang Store provides only best quality hand-made clothing for tai chi and kung fu practice and provide you hand-forged training weapons only, such as tai chi swords, kung fu sabers, miao dao, bagua dao and other Taoist supplies. Our business is characterized by the fact that we really have goods manufactured directly in Wudangshan and are exporting directly from there, we have no intermediate businesses like Aliexpress or Alibaba involved. So, we are ensuring our customers that every piece they order form our online store will be made directly in Wudang by hand and will be sent right away from Wudangshan, Shiyan, Hubei Province, China.
We deliver to all countries and always include a tracking ID so you can follow your orders.

These things you have to know before ordering:

  1. Our items are mostly handmade, we do not sell industrial products.
  2. We need your measurements for every part of clothing or shoes you order.
  3. Please be patient, every item is made or created upon order. Give us time to do it good!
  4. We are not amazon or ebay. We always try to improve as much as possible for a small store.

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