Customer Reviews and Feedback / Tai Chi Clothing

Review from Arthur D. Winfield

I, Arthur D. Winfield, Jr,  attest that I am please with the Merchandise and Service received from  The Clothing is of Excellent Quality to me.  I am pleased and I have received compliments.  The shipping is longer than ordering within the United States of the Quality of the Wudang Mountain tailors is very nice.  The weapons I purchased I really have come to appreciate.  I showed my Traditional Chinese Broadsword and Han Dynasty Dagger to my American Legion Post Commander.  He looked at the Broadsword and said " where did you get this, this is Folded steel."  I went ahead and purchased Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong's Choy Li Fut Plum Blossom Broadsword Instructional DVD.  The weapons take longer to ship because of Customs clearance, but the wait is worth it.
Truth.  I am just a Martial Artist, a 1 Dan Black Belt in Chinese Kenpo Karate, as guided by Retired Master Dana Shell.  I will simply call what I teach in wellness group " KENPO - translated  Asian Boxing".    Because of Mr. Shell and my original Formal teacher, now Professor Walter E. Ziegler many doors have opened for my continued study.  Our Creator has Blessed me with the Favor of some Great Martial Artist like Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong ( Long-Distance ) and Grandmaster Sammy Pace, my Mentor.  I aspire to one day be accredited to simply teach the Yang 24 Movement Form.  10 year long term goal.
I am starting a small group locally here in Lawrenceville, Virginia, United States of America. 
It is on Facebook named: Southside Virginia Veterans Wellness and Martial Arts Group ( Red Dragons ).  I want to help people in this economically poor region of the U.S.,  especially our struggling Afro-American Youth somehow.  I have sat with Leaders and been in the streets.  I have served our Nation and served Incarceration (non-violent).  I am trying right now just to document my Holistic Life Recovery program, but wanted to acknowledge Wudang-Stores.I hope to work with a local Health Group soon and to promote the Martial Arts as Preventative Medicine.  A very simple health program based on collected Traditional Martial Arts. 
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