Review from Gregory Casey

Gregory CaseyI would like to attest that the service and quality of the products that I have received from Wudang Shop are of the highest standard. I bought multiple items of clothing and shoes from them over a year ago. The colors and sizes were just perfect with their custom tailoring and they have been very durable, lasting longer through hard daily training more than other items of clothing I have purchased from other stores, especially the pants! Their Daoist socks are of a great fit too! From Wudang Shop, the socks I got have a good design with a wider top than other shops I have purchased similar Daoist socks from, which allows for a much better bit. The strings are the perfect length too- not too long, not too short.

I practice and teach Wudang Tai Ji Quan and Qigong in the United States, in Asheville, NC. Many of my students admire the practice clothes I wear, and i am constantly being asked where I got them. I always tell them about Wudang Shop and the great quality and service I receive from them. The team at Wudang Shop is always happy and willing to answer my questions about their products and provide great customer service. Here are some photos of me wearing some of the items I have ordered from Wudang Shop. 
Thank you Wudang Shop! I will be a customer for many years to come!
Greg Casey

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