Antique Fittings Yang Style Tai Chi Dao, Semi-Flexible or Stiff

€139.90 EUR

  • Saber is suitable for Tai Chi Chen style and/or Yang style practice. 
  • Comfortable guard for easy turning and control, perfect for kung fu and tai chi exercises. With the typical ring pommel on the handle end.
  • Standard saber design with best properties for professional competitions.
  • This saber is upper quality range.

Technical Data

Handle length: 10.4 inch/ 26.5 cm
Whole weight: 1.3 kg
Weight without scabbard: 0.83 kg

3 different Sizes

26 inches suitable for 1.50-1.65 m body height:
Total length: 98 cm, Blade length: 72 cm, Blade width: 3.5 cm

28 inches suitable for 1.65-1.78 m body height:
Total length: 103 cm, Blade length: 77 cm, Blade width: 3.5 cm

30 inches suitable for 1.78-1.9 m body height:
Total length: 108 cm, Blade length: 82 cm, Blade width: 3.5 cm 

2 different Blades

Stiff blade:
Sharp looking polish, but is actually blunt

Semi-Flexible blade:
Harder steel near the handle and softer, more flexible closer to the tip

Blade Material: Mirror polished Stainless Steel

Sheath Material: Rosewood

Loaded With: Alloy

Balance point and materials are therefore accordingly expensive and high standard

The saber is handmade and so the length can vary +2"/ -2" or +4cm/-4cm

Properties: stiff or semi-flexible, blunt

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