Telescopic Full Stainless Steel Tai Chi Jian, Extendable Morning Taiji Jian

€49.90 EUR

A perfect companion for your travels, this tai chi sword can be worn in every bag. Just put it out, extend and use it in every park or training spot.

  • Comfortable shaped guard for easy turning and control, perfect for tai chi and kung fu exercise.
  • This sword is upper quality range because it is full stainless steel.
Technical Data

Blade length: 90-100 cm

Handle length: 23 cm/ 9.06 inches

Blade width: around 3.2 cm

Weight: around 0.5 kg


6 different Sizes

1. size) 90 cm blade for 1.5-1.55 m body height
2. size) 92 cm blade for 1.56-1.6 m body height
3. size) 94 cm blade for 1.6-1.65 m body height
4. size) 96 cm blade for 1.65-1.7 m body height
5. size) 98 cm blade for 1.7-1.75 m body height
6. size) 100 cm blade for 1.8 m body height and above

Material: Stainless Steel


Balance point and materials are therefore accordingly expensive and high standard

Properties: stiff

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