Old Craftmanship Thousand Layer Bottom Shaolin Monk Kung Fu Sandals 7 Colors

€75.90 EUR

Summer shoes for Shaolin students or masters. Solid flexible sole and long lasting material.

Perfect combination with the traditional taoist socks.

  • Old craftmanship technique and unique design for hot summer days training
  • The sole is non-slip and soft
  • The bottom is made of high-quality thousand-layer bottom, which is strong and firm with skilled craftsmanship.
  • The insole is made of high-grade cotton, which has the advantages of deodorization, non-slip, sweat-absorbing and breathable.
  • The upper is made of high-quality canvas
  • The shoe last conforms to the principle of ergonomic design, which is closer to the shape of the foot, does not take off the heel, does not push the toes, etc.
  • Solid shoe construction
  • Optimized for quick and flexible movements

⇒ ATTENTION: The mentioned shoe sizes are Chinese sizes. If you have no experience in wearing shoes from China, we recommend to submit your feet length from toe to heel as shown in the picture below:

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