Natural Stone Chinese Tai Chi Sword Tassel - Multicolor

€19.90 EUR

Chinese Sword Tassel have been around as long as the sword in China exists. Attached to the pommel of the sword, they look great and give a real feel of the traditional. But what’s the purpose? Some say they are just for decoration but many believe they can be used as a distraction for your energy, to be flicked into the eyes. There has also been some accounts of having small sharp object concealed inside to be used as a secondary weapon. Nowadays though, that is not hugely relevant, apart from applications in forms and drills. A lot of people use the Chinese sword tassel as a guide to their flow with the sword. If the movement is steady and flowing and the tassel doesn’t wrap up around your wrist, you are starting to get somewhere.

The presented tassel at Wudang Store is suitable for tai chi sword hilt, other martial arts sword and other weapon decoration. Is a good helper for your performances and training. 

Technical data:

Material: Ice Silk, Natural Stone
Available colors: Multicolor (see the drop-down list)
Length: 37 cm

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