Lotus Seat Cushion in 2 Colors

€29.90 EUR

This Seat Cushion is very modern and optimized for long meditations.

Seat Cushion Features:

45cm x 25cm

Instead of straw we use 6 functional layers:

  1. Outside fabric: High density cotton, soft and breathable. Anti-allergic also especially good to those allergies against synthetic fibers. printing was done without methanol.
  2. Silk coating: smooth thin and breathable layer. Makes sitting very comfortable. Does not glue on sponge or other layers and gives a nice feeling.
  3. Soft sponge layer: Ultra soft and breathable sponge. Does not deform after sitting for longer times.
  4. 3D elastic fibre: hardened elastic fibres to keep distance between the two sponges and adapt in a 3 dimensional level to make long sitting comfortable. Supports 80% of your body weight and keeps distance between the two sponges for increased breathability and cooling. This is very important for keeping your sitting position cool and prevent sweating.
  5. H40 native sponge: hardened high density sponge. Very lightweight and very durable. This layer gives the requires hardness to our seat cushions. Will not deform and will last for very long time.
  6. Pearl foam: Anti-slip material with small pearls in the fabric to prevent slipping. This makes sure that the seat cushion stays in place and does not move by accident.

See the pictures for more details!


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