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Limited Master Han Jian by Quanjian Forge

€799.90 EUR

The Quanjian Forge was officially founded at 1748. The Master Zhou Kang handforged this sword, his traditional forging art is a national cultural heritage in china. Wudang Store is proud to offer this amazing sword forged by the famous Quanjian master smith from the current generation. The sword is amazingly balanced, like the soul of the blade becomes one with the wielders intention.

This sword is prestige quality. The stock of this sword is very limited, and every sword has a different "soul" or character. Since it was handcrafted and forged by hand, each sword looks and feels slightly different.

Technical Data

  • Blade length: 76cm
  • Hilt length: 26cm
  • Overall length: 106cm
  • Sheath length 79cm
  • Thickest point of the blade: 3.5cm
  • Weight of the sword: 1,92kg
  • Weight of the sheath: 0,72kg
  • Blade Material: multiple layered folded Steel
  • Blade is forged to be very sharp, but because of the Chinese government we must deliver it blunt. Your local smith can resharpen the sword again. Or simply stay with the blunt blade for safe practice.

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