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Classic Master Tai Chi Jian Designed by Wudang Store

€229.90 EUR

Wudang Store proudly presents its own designed Classic Master Tai Chi Sword!

This sword is designed by Wudang Store and is very unique in feeling and balance.

Together with the most famous smith in Wudangshan we accomplished something truly amazing! Here the hard facts which make this sword awesome:

  • The weight balance is on the guard. This makes Tai Chi and Kung Fu movements very fast and easy. You don´t need to use much strength and you can better feel the direction in which your sword wants to move. Total Weight is around 1.2kg with a gravity center on the guard - see the pictures.
  • The blade is fixed by forging a small iron stick from outside the wooden hilt to connect with the inside blade. See the hilt picture. This will make the blade very stable during your daily exercise. We don't recommend to open the hilt, you might damage the blade construction. For your maintenance wiping the blade with a piece of cloth is enough. The blade itself is made of semi-flexible high quality mirror polished stainless steel.
  • The fittings are made of heavy solid brass. Instead of using a lot of glue, we use rivets here to connect them forever and keep them properly in place.
  • The sword has a total length of 107cm. The handle is 25cm and the blade is 78cm long.

Wudang Store is proud to present you this amazing Tai Chi Sword for professionals, masters or students who enjoy the intention, will and feeling of a real sword. This sword truly feels like a sword from a much higher price class.

Each sword is handmade and forged upon order. So there always will be some slight differences. 

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