Tai Chi Principles

In this article we introduce a short description about the fundamental Tai Chi principles:

Tai Chi is developed when Yin and Yang meets harmony in your mind and body. First you practice flexibility and coordination before your mind and intuition can be free like the clouds to become open for advanced exercising without thinking about the movements.

tai chi principles



Tai Chi is always interpreted through the practitioner, there are no fixed forms or best way of movements. Tai Chi is based on each individual and the way of execution is always based on the Yin Yang Principle. In the beginning the coordination is practiced with Tai Chi Cloud Hands and various basic Tai Chi Steps.  You should repeat the same movement hundreds of times and later combine the cloud hands with the feet movements. Also, these basics should be practiced hundreds of times before starting with the actual Tai Chi movements. It is recommended to practice these basics often before starting with a Tai Chi Form. The more often you prepare yourself with the basics practice, the better your Tai Chi performance will be.