I still have not received any information about my order! Will it be shipped soon?

Sometimes we run into difficulties to be on time. We always try to improve but China often has holidays or is short on raw materials. When we say we gonna do it then we will surely ship it when your product is ready!

Feel free to contact us any time on wudangstore@gmail.com. We will gladly give you the current state of your order. What we don't like is a conflict with paypal. Please think about that an actual person is doing your order with his hardworking hands. Don't force your money back or we will be short on financing your order. The day you order the product is also the day the worker receives your order. We finance your order upfront and we will always fulfill it. If we really cannot fulfill your order then we will surely contact you and refund all your money. Wudang Store always wins paypal conflicts since we provide handmade products. There always is a lot of effort and material financing behind your order.

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