Masamitsu Master Tai Chi Jian by Zhang Ye

€449.90 EUR

Official Tai Chi sword by Master smith Zhang Ye. He won the smith gold medal with this design. This sword is handforged by himself and is forged in different layers of stainless steel. The golden dots on the blade are his signature. The sword will be forged upon order, and each sword will have a different character. This is a practical Tai Chi sword with superior performance and feeling. The design is like no other sword.


  • Handforged Master Sword by Master Zhang Ye
  • 76cm blade length
  • Total length 104cm
  • Handle length 21cm
  • Material: High quality chrome steel, stainless, will not rust.
  • Golden dots on blade, which are the signature and show the quality forging of Master Zhang Ye
  • blade flexibility is 90 degrees
  • Maximum blade width 3,7cm
  • Loaded with handcrafted brass ornaments
  • Quality Hardwood
  • Weight without sheath 1,06kg, with sheat additional 0,67kg


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