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Meridian Bagua Ziwu Extra Long

€129.90 EUR

The Crescent Moon Knives are normally used against longer weapons such as spear, sword, broadsword, or any weapon which uses safe distances to attack from. One advantage of the Crescent Moon Knives in comparison to a longer weapon is that seeing as the deer horn knives are direct appendages of the hands, they can be moved with great speed and precision, and along with their ease of concealment, can easily be used to catch their opponent off guard.

The Meridian Crescent Moon Knives are in upper quality range. Recommend for masters and students for long and heavy training sessions. The stainless steel is very high quality and will not rust easily even after touching it. The blades are not rust proof, so you still have to take a little care!

Technical Data

  • Blade length: 43cm
  • Total Weight: 1,7kg
  • Material: Fine polished high quality stainless steel
  • Extra long blade design
  • Bag included

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