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Hung Gar Iron Rings [All Sizes]

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The southern Chinese kung fu style of Hung Gar is "hard, strong style" that uses "rooted stances such as the horse stance (mabu)". Hung Gar practitioners use "...sand bags to strengthen grip, as well as iron rings in strengthening arms and tight fists. Hung Gar is derived from the Shaolin Temple kung fu system developed during the Ching dynasty. Hung Gar training uses "...prolonged stance training and many isometric breathing exercises. To do fist training, students wear iron rings, weighing from 2-4 lbs on their arms. "The force of the student's strike causes the rings to slide down the arms smashing into the back of the hands, reminding the students to hold a "tight fist.

Material: High Quality Heavy Stainless Steel

This product is sold per piece. Usually you want at least 4, 6, 8 or up to 10 rings for both hands.

Available in 3 different sizes (see pictures):

  • Small: inner diameter: 7,5 cm, outer diameter: 11,1 cm, thickness 1,8 cm, Weight: ~0,6 kg
  • Medium: inner diameter: 8,5 cm, outer diameter: 12,1 cm, thickness 1,8 cm, Weight: ~0,69 kg
  • Large: inner diameter: 9,5 cm, outer diameter: 13,1 cm, thickness 1,8 cm, Weight: ~0,75 kg

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