Taoist Immortal Lu Dongbin Portrait, Taoist God Iron Crutch Wall Scroll, Daoist Eight Immortals Wall Decoration, Silk Scroll Taoist Gods Portrait Wall Roll

€35.90 EUR

The scroll is fixed on a brocade material with Chinese patterns. Decorate your home or martial arts school dojo with authentic portraits of Taoist gods, warriors and legendary personalities. Wudang Store offers a selection of wall scrolls on a fancy Chinese brocade, which will lighten up your space and fill it with spirit of Chinese legends.

Technical data:
Material: Ice Silk Brocade, Hard Wood, Paper
Background Color: Gold
Size Variations: 80 x 30 cm, 105 x 45 cm, 135 x 55 cm, 150 x 65 cm, 170 x 70 cm, 200 x 80 cm

*Handmade product may have some small size errors.

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