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Japan Style Tai Chi Jian Upper Quality

€149.90 EUR €399.00 EUR

Price Hit!

Wudang Store proudly presents this sword, as we are able to give you this japan styled sword for an unbeatable and amazing price!

This amazing japanese styled sword is upper quality range and made of manganese steel! Because of chinese goverment regulations we must make it blunt, but you can easily resharpen it from your local smith! This Blade is similiar to Tang Dynasty blades, which are the ancestors of japanese swords. The blade is straight and beautifull, you can exercise your tai chi movements with a japanese feeling. And if you properly sharpen the sword, cutting wood and iron nails is very easy.


  • Manganese steel (ultra hard +60 rockwell)
  • Blade length 72cm (Total length 102cm)
  • Solid Blade construction from Tang dynasty
  • Unique japan style
  • Choose from 3 colors

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