Fighting aspect of Wudang Kungfu

Wudang Kungfu as a martial art includes in a real fight many aspects, because mental and physical condition play a major role. In addition to the proper technique the chance to defend yourself is higher if you are trained and better balanced at all levels than the attacker. When someone attacks, it forces a reaction of defense, through the training of Taichi and Liangyi the forces of Yin and Yang can be deliberately manipulated and used against the attacker.

The interaction between the various disciplines

By Neigong one attains spiritual peace and the necessary speed in the reaction. Only those who are not rushed and remains quiet, also have the most of reaction time. With Qigong you gain a stable posture, good breathing, body tension and strength. Only through the interplay of all Wudang disciplines the agility, speed, flexibility, relaxation and strength is properly trained and are in any fighting technique the necessary advantage. The Kungfu forms are emotional and situational scenarios, which are suitable for daily training and preparation. The internalization of these forms is important for smooth and intuitive execution of the contained fighting techniques. The learning of a variety of applications and methods is possible, including many hand forms but also the handling of weapons (sword, staff, saber, giant saber, fan …) Michael Weichhardt guides the entire martial arts aspect of Wudang Kungfu, on mental, emotional and physical level.