Health Cultivation and the Inner Yin-Yang Balance

Body is a Yin-yang form, which we receive from parents and is called "inborn" .

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After birth, we must eat and drink to absorb nutrients, then transport this nutrients to each organ to burn, consume, and extract the essence. After that, our body will gather the essence together through a meridian system, which is the original vital essence and is postnatal. This vital essence after being processed by the kidneys will transform into something ancient Taoists called "Jing." "Jing" can make marrow, which makes blood, which in turn supports the entire body, i.e. the internal organs of the body (heart, spleen, liver, lungs and kidneys), the four limbs, muscle and bones. "Jing" can provide energy to the body and convert to "Qi".

Wudang Taoist Health Store"Qi" can resist cold, heal bruises, and improve blood circulation. "Qi" is the life force of all humans; if we had no "Qi", then our organs would simply stop working, and life would cease to exist. "Qi" can provide life force to body and convert to "Shen." "Shen" can create inspiration and wisdom; it is the chief director of our body. Without "Shen's" direction, one cannot survive, live, and develop. "Shen" can direct every part of one's body. Human bodies are made up of the internal organs, the four limbs, muscles and bones, however, only the "Jing", "Qi" and "Shen" together can turn on each function and make the body operate smoothly.

"Yang Sheng"(nourishing life) is made up of the words "Yang" and "Sheng."

"Yang" means "look after" and "save power", in other words, it means to protect our bodies, to provide the support to nourish our essence, vital energy, and spirit, to use these resources reasonably and to let essence, energy and spirit remain intact for a long time.

Wudang Taoist Store"Sheng" means "cultivation" and "production." It is a way to transmute Jing to Qi, Qi to Shen and transform Shen to Void, return void to the Tao. What is more, it is also a way to improve one's Jing Qi and Shen, conserve life energy, and develop hidden potential, and perfect postnatal shortcomings to return to pre-heaven. Sheng will make sure the energy can be used continuously and will be not completely depleted before its time. Nourishing life is about understanding nature, complying with nature, being in harmony with nature, and making use of your natural condition to become intelligent, understanding, healthy, and long-living. People, who has life, body, energy and intelligent, has the creativity and influence. So that he can make contribution to others through that to beautify his life and make it significant. 

Health and longevity have a deep connection with the pre-heaven body condition, living environment, and post heaven activities. This being so, we must know how to protect our bodies, conserve our energy, and develop potential, that is to say, we must know how to stay in good health.

Taoism, as well as being a religion, also refers to natural science, human anatomy, and biology, or "Yin-yang and five elements science". The philosophy of Taoism revolves around natural harmony and natural science, the ultimate goal being healthy, happiness, and longevity. The culture and methods for nourishing life date back as far as several thousands years ago, as well as countless longevity people. Before learning these methods, however, we must first understand the relationship between life, body, and nature.