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Michael Weichhardt
Taoist Name: Wei Mao Zi Ji (=helping others)
16th generation of Wudang Sanfengpai
Knowledge of languages: German, English, Chinese

After years of Taoist training in Wudang Michael Weichhardt was registered and documented as inheritor in Sanfeng family tree. He was certificated by Master Yuan Xiu Gang of (15th generation) and Master Zhong Yun Long (14th Gen.). He received a Taoist name, a certificate and a sword, which is to accompany him on his way.

Shortly after Michael Weichhardt lived 6 months on the Wudang Mountains with Master Chen Shiyu (Gen. 15th) in the temple of the returning dragon and focused there his internal Wudang Kungfu under personal training by Master Chen Shiyu. In May 2015 Michael Weichhardt returned to Vienna to spread Wudang Kungfu in his homeland.

Since an age of 13 years I train Kungfu and have traveled through Asia (Korea, Vietnam, China).


In Wudang I have realized my goal and the responsibility that is entailed with Kungfu. Taoism is not a religion for me. Tao is simply the way each of us embarks in life. Tao means for me to understand what you are doing in the Here and Now. Tao is neither good nor bad, so conscious behavior is important for us and the nature.

Life in the Wudang Mountains is not easy. The way of nature is easy, the implementation is difficult. The little things make importance for the great. To want to change something is the best prerequisite for an entry into Wudang Kungfu. “