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Inner awareness and wisdom

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Qi Gong Stretching Class

Qi Gong stretching is very important to help your body relax. Through the stretching and breathing techniques you improve your blood circulation and repair your body faster when the last days were hard on you. Good against stress and hard muscles.

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The Way of Wudang Meditation

Connecting With The Tao

Stillness is the root of the Tao. Meditation is the key practice for internal transformation. In stillness we allow the regeneration of the Jing, Qi and Shen – essence, energy and spirit. In meditation we bring the mind into single threaded thought and allow the natural process of internalcultivation to progress. In seated meditation we cage the monkey and tie up the wild horses, bringing both body and mind into the clear and quiet space which supports the regeneration of the Three Treasures of the Body, allowing healing, rejuvenation, transformation so that we can move through the stages from ordinary mortal to extraordinary human, immortal on earth and, eventually, immortal in heaven.

Sit, either in a chair or better, cross legged with the hips comfortably supported. The spine should be straight and unsupported. Place the hands on the knees with the thumbs folded in the palms and the fingers wrapped around the thumbs. Place the tip of the tongue on the roof of the mouth just behind the teeth. Lower your eyelids, women may close the eyes, men keep a slip of light showing through, and focus the eyes towards the tip of the nose. Turn the internal gaze gently to the Dantian in the center of the belly. As you inhale gently contract the belly, as you exhale, allow the belly to gently expand. See and not see. Withdraw the senses from the external world and simply be an observer, a companion to the Dantian.

From stillness comes motion. With time a sensation will arise in the Dantian as the Qi begins to move. Remain the observer, do not engage the mind, the awareness, or the emotions and allow the Qi to move naturally.

With stillness internal transformations begin to manifest. The three treasures of the Tao: Jing, Qi and Shen are cultivated. In the first stage Jing is built up until it is mature and Jing transmutes to Qi, then, when the Qi is mature, it transmutes to Shen, then Shen returns to the Void and the Void to the Tao. With each stage of internal transmutation, external changes manifest as well as the body first heals itself, rejuvenates and finally becomes immortal.

It is required that we have a physical body to do internal cultivation and we must both create a “supersonic jet” or superior physical body, as well as to cultivate the very best pilot in order to achieve immortality. Because of the variations in both physiology and energetic structures between men and women there are differences in their internal alchemy practices. For example, where men’s initial focus is in the lower Dantian, women focus on the middle Dantian.

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Wudang Happy Fan Form

Performed at Yuxu Temple in Wudang. Fluid and happy motion after heavy rain.

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The Principles of Yin and Yang

The fundamental reality in the Taoist understanding is divided in "nothing" and "everything". The existence of one gives existence to the opposite. The existence of everything gives purpose to nothing. One cannot exist without the other and so the coexistence can be called the way of nature.

The principles of yin and yang can be applied to internal practice. (Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Nei Gong and so on...)

The interaction of soft and hard gives relevance to the understanding of harmony which is the purpose of Tai Chi Quan.

To be in harmony between yin and yang means to practice internal balance on all levels and can also be called the way of nature.

  • To excel in speed, one must be slow.
  • To be powerful, one must be relaxed.
  • To stand on one leg, one must be rooted to earth.

This are only few examples how Taoist masters find the true meaning of one power. The understanding of this principles can greatly enhance your actions.

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The Efficient Way of Fighting

Wudang Kung Fu in martial arts includes many aspects in fighting, because mental and physicalcondition play a major role. In addition to the proper technique the chance to defend yourself is higher if you are properly trained and better balanced at all levels than the attacker. When someone attacks, it forces a reaction of defense, through the training of Tai Chi and Liang Yi the forces of Yin and Yang can be deliberately manipulated and used against the attacker.

The interaction between the various disciplines

By Nei Gong one attains spiritual peace and the necessary speed in the reaction. Only those who are not rushed and remain quiet, also have the most of reaction time. With Qi Gong you gain a stable posture, good breathing, body tension and strength. Only through the interplay of all Wudang disciplines the agility, speed, flexibility, relaxation and strength is properly trained and are in any fighting technique the necessary advantage. The Kung Fu forms are emotional and situational scenarios, which are suitable for daily training and preparation. The internalization of these forms is important for smooth and intuitive execution of the contained fighting techniques. The learning of a variety of applications and methods is recommend, including many hand forms but also the handling of weapons (sword, staff, saber, giant saber, fan …).

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Morning Qi Gong Class 1

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Cleaning Your Body With Internal Practice

Detoxing has always been a popular topic for Wudang Taoist practitioners. Cleaning your body from the inside is important for living a long and healthy life. Since the blood flow interconnects with the flow of Qi. Having good blood quality and healthy organs increases the potential of internal power and raise the awareness of your health. Once your body is cleansed your mind can be at ease and your body can save energy.

Our bodies are no super machines and once we overdid it the process can hardly be reversed. Most people do not realize how serious this problem can be, toxins in your body will not show immediately but can be very problematic in years to come.

What is toxic to our bodies?

The first thought should be how to utilize your energy: eating, drinking, breathing. Being mindful of only one of these things and neglecting the others will not lead to becoming healthy. Eating, drinking and breathing are all equally important, and should all be equally prioritized. All of these involve a different section in your body and therefore has a different detoxification process. For example: smoking and eating junk food are still toxic for the balance of your energy, even though they both involve their akin bodily function (breathing and eating).

Changing your life style is important when you know the way you are living is not healthy. Your body will not compromise with your habits, thus will react accordingly to what you put in it or how you treat it.

Be patient and be mindful

The body is a very strong and has had to develop a lot to come to where it is now. Most of the damage can be undone if you're patient and give your training the time that it needs. The Taoist secret to detoxification is no magical formula and can be learned through natural understanding by allowing yourself to feel the impact of your actions on your own mind and body. The Taoist way is self experience through the changes on your body under the current circumstances.

Modern times are difficult and a lot of things will try to fool your body. Chemical substances, food/taste enhancers, stabilizers and genetically modified foods are often used today to make people eat food frombig brands and companies. Some have additive properties, some are superior in some way to their natural competitor. Do you simply ignore the fact that this food is unhealthy because everyone is eating it?

Don't make it harder for yourself

Most food is making digesting harder for you than needed. The key is to eat "light food". Spices, salt, fat in excess can make the digestion process harder on your organs; the way you cook is important for your stomach. Don't overcook, but rather, keep your vegetables lightly cooked instead - especially in preparing steamed meal. This type of cooking is very popular in Wudang and also very effective in making digestion easier on your stomach.

Take in mind:
  • Drinking a lot of water while eating will reduce the stomach acid and delay your digestion.
  • Avoid combining a lot of sugar with alcohol. Doing so will make your pancreas happy.
  • Don't sit in a chair too often or too long. Stand up and stretch once per hour.
You should consider:
  • Consume more alkaline based foods, especially if you have hick ups or bad breath in the morning. Certain foods are considered acidic, alkaline or neutral: Acidic: meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, grains and alcohol. Neutral: natural fats, starches and sugars. Alkaline: fruits, nuts, legumes and vegetables.
  • Make an effort to expose yourself to clean air as often as possible.
  • Daily Qi Gong exercise to increase the blood flow/quality and improve your body's natural ability to detoxify itself.

Putting additional stress on your internal organs will reflect on the outside as well, and if totally ignored can even make you sick.

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